Failure could mean a long pine box and that’s just not an option.

The Wild West just got wilder for the Brothers Three.

Orphaned and left to fend for themselves, three teen brothers must learn how work together to survive in the American Old West.

Allen, Paul, and Chet never knew an easy life. Orphaned two years ago, their uncle Barnaby was appointed guardian until each is old enough to claim his share of the cattle ranch willed to the brothers by their father. But the lure of gold and riches is too powerful for Barnaby to ignore. He soon departs, leaving the teens to fend for themselves as he hopes to strike it rich.

Others, who have long coveted the ranch, eagerly swoop in. They will stop at nothing either to have the land given to them or take it by force. The brothers are soon caught in a web of rustlers, greed, and robbers trying to steal everything from them. Allen, Paul, and Chet learn what it means to become a man, stand their ground and work as one to save their ranch – and each other. With their uncle gone and no other family, their land is the only thing they have left.

Failure isn’t an option. Time is running out and the wolves are closing in.

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